Word 2 DITA only exports first image

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Quick van Rijt
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Word 2 DITA only exports first image

Post by Quick van Rijt » Tue Apr 13, 2021 2:12 pm

I am using Batch Documents Converter 3.0.0 in OxygenXML 23.1.

When inspecting the result output\ it only contains 1 image, the first one in the Word document.
All others images are not exported.

And the first topic has the only reference to this image.
No other images references in all DITA sources.

I have ruled out all kinds of possible path problems by reducing causes by long path names, spaces, commas, dots, even removal of Table Of Contents at start of Word document.

I know copying of images from media folder content in .docx, but that will not solve images references.
Any solution?
Quick van Rijt
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Cosmin Duna
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Re: Word 2 DITA only exports first image

Post by Cosmin Duna » Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:22 pm


I created a word document that contains some images and all of them are exported in the "media" directory and are correctly referred in the resulted DITA topics. Can you send us a sample where the problem you described can be reproduced?
If it contains confidential data, do the following steps to hide the text content from it:
  • Make a copy of the document and open it in the "Archive Browser" view from Oxygen
  • Open the "word/document.xml" file into the main editor.
  • Invoke the Help > Support Tools > Randomize XML text content action and click Finish in the opened dialog.
If you don't want to attach the document here send us an email at support@oxygenxml.com.

The add-on has some problems when converting cross-references. We already fixed them, but they required changes in Oxygen and will be available in version 24.

Cosmin Duna
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