Multiple Ditavals in WebAuthor URL

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Multiple Ditavals in WebAuthor URL

Post by zuza » Fri Jan 29, 2021 11:44 pm


I am trying to construct the “edit online” links for the latest editlink plugin. We are still using and editlink.remote.ditamap.url, but moving on to using editlink.ditamap.edit.url and editlink.additional.query.parameters.

I assume the ditavals need to be passed in the editlink.additional.query.parameters parameter, is this correct?

It seems to me that WebAuthor does not support filtering using multiple ditavals... I have tried something similar to the following (note: we are using Perforce revision system) and noticed that only the last ditaval in the list is used for filtering.

“&dita.val.url= p4java:// p4java:// p4java://”

Would you consider implementing support for filtering with multiple ditaval files in WebAuthor? We use 4-5 ditavals for most of the PDFs we publish.

Many thanks.

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Re: Multiple Ditavals in WebAuthor URL

Post by cristi_talau » Mon Feb 01, 2021 7:15 pm


It is currently not possible to pass multiple DITAVAL files. I registered an internal issue to add this possibility. I will update this thread when it is implemented.

Meanwhile, you can create DITAVAL files that contain all the rules in those multiple files.


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