How to add xml tags with custom class

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How to add xml tags with custom class

Post by pradapselvaraj » Mon Jan 11, 2021 11:15 am


We are using currently xopus xml editor in our content management system(Alfresco).

while editing the document via xopus and for e.g applying bold for particular text , then the class "-hi-d/b" is applied automatically with the use of schema and xsl transformation.

<b class="- hi-d/b ">Any representation</b>

Now, we want to update our editor with oxygen web author. We have integrated and added xsd with the help framework and plugin of oxygen web author.
now the issue is, if we have edit the document with oxygen web author, and do the same things as mentioned above, for e.g bold, italic,regular, underline.
How to apply custom class for the tags in oxygen web author?

Bogdan Dumitru
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Re: How to add xml tags with custom class

Post by Bogdan Dumitru » Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:49 pm


For that you have to define an action within your framework that uses the ro.sync.ecss.extensions.commons.operations.SurroundWithFragmentOperation to add the XML element with the particular class you want.
After defining you may want to add it on toolbar or on a menu. See the "Toolbar" sub-tab from the "Author" tab within the "Document type" dialog from Oxygen XML Editor/Author.
Here you can find more details if needed.
Bogdan Dumitru

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