Schema Configuration Options

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Schema Configuration Options

Post by ann.jensen » Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:17 pm

I am trying to better understand the intended use of the 2 options available in Oxygen XML Editor to configure the related schema/DTD i.e. 1. Options -> Preferences -> DITA and 2. Options -> Preferences -> Document Type Association.
While playing around with them I see that I can configure DTD from both i.e. from catalog-dita.xml in the custom location specified for DITA-OT under Options -> Preferences -> DITA AND also from catalog.xml that can be specified on the Catalogs tab for a framework/Document Type Association under Options -> Preferences -> Document Type Association.
Does one approach have higher priority than the other? How does Oxygen resolve which schema to use for an open XML file if the DTD specified in the DOCTYPE definition at top of file can be resolved from both configurations.
Hope this makes sense.
Any feedback appreciated,

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Re: Schema Configuration Options

Post by Radu » Tue Jan 05, 2021 10:13 am

Hi Ann,

When validating and editing DITA topics Oxygen needs to resolve the DTD public IDs referenced in the topic through an XML catalog mapping to the actual location of the DTDs. First it looks for mappings in the XML catalogs list specified in the Preferences->"XML / XML Catalog" page. By default there are no references to the DITA XML catalog files there.
Then it starts going through each enabled Document Type association in the Preferences->"Document Type Association" page from top to bottom.
Each document type association has an "XML Catalogs" tab where you can specify references to XML catalogs. The DITA-related document type associations usually have in the "XML Catalogs" tab a reference like this: ${configured.ditaot.dir.url}/catalog-dita.xml meaning that they actually refer to the XML catalog from the configured DITA OT publishing engine (in the Preferences->DITA page).
The first referenced XML catalog which can resolve the public ID to a DTD wins.

Radu Coravu
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