Residual temp.1 directory

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Residual temp.1 directory

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I am using XML Editor 22.1, build 2020061102.

I have a custom responsive webhelp transformation based on html5. I transform from within the editor. I set the clean.output parameter to yes. When I transform my ditamap, there is a folder (temp.1) that contains my folder hierarchy with all of my source .xml files. It is never deleted after the transformation. My output is:


I don't see any transformation errors, but I am concerned that maybe there was an issue that isn't immediately obvious. Has anybody seen this before?


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Re: Residual temp.1 directory

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This kind of issues may occur when there in the source files that you are using which are outside the folder of the main DITA Map.
More specific, the DITA OT is known to have some issues when there are resources (topic references, other submaps, or any other resources) that are located outside of the folder that contains the main DITA Map that is published.

You should first try to perform a validation of the DITA Map (open the main DITA Map in the DITA Maps Manager view, then run the "Validate and Check for Completeness" action from the toolbar of the view). Make sure that in the validation dialog you have the "Report references to resources outside of the DITA map folder" option enabled, to identify such resources.

After you identify those resources, you should follow the procedure described in the 1st solution from the "References Outside the Main DITA Map Folder" section from the User-Guide, to make sure that your main DITA Map is in a folder that is above all of the other referred resources.

You could also try using the parameter mentioned in the 2nd solution, but not that it is strongly recommended to use the 1st approach instead, because the parameter works only if you publish from inside the Oxygen XML Editor GUI product - it won't work if you would like (at some point) to publish from command-line using the WebHelp plugin product.

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