Master files with DITA OT Ant builds and properties

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Master files with DITA OT Ant builds and properties

Post by tcleghorn » Tue Jul 07, 2020 4:37 pm

When working with Open Toolkit plugins, I'm struggling to find a way to have properties defined in the OT's root build.xml in scope for plugin Ant build files. I'm sure I remember having done this in the past at some point, but I think I'm missing something crucial.

I have a plugin and am working on plugins/ That build includes, using the OT-defined plugin properties - e.g.

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<include file="${}/build_bar-example.xml"/>
so that macrodefs and taskdefs used in bar are available to foo.

If I add the main OT build file (i.e. dita-ot-x.y.z/build.xml - after the OT build and integration) to my Oxygen project master files, I had expected that the include would start resolving and the components in bar would be available while editing, since build.xml is where the *.plugin.dir properties are declared, but that seems not to be the case. What might I be missing here?

I'm using Editor 22.1 build 2020061102 and my working copy is a fork of the main OT trunk (forked from v3.0.3, in case that has any relevance).

Any useful ideas on other/better ways to approach OT plugin development in Oxygen would be gratefully received too, of course :)

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Re: Master files with DITA OT Ant builds and properties

Post by Radu » Wed Jul 08, 2020 12:35 pm


I understand, I added an internal issue to look into improving our handling of editing ANT files. The DITA OT build files make extensive use of parameter references in imports and filesets and Oxygen for now does not have the support to expand those parameters and figure out how various files relate to each other.

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