Urgent!!! Help required in xsl-fo

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Urgent!!! Help required in xsl-fo

Post by Amit Nitnavare » Tue May 30, 2006 5:41 pm


I am generating PDF reports using xsl-fo and jakarta tomcat version 4.1.18
I have the following requirement for generating a pdf report.
My data xml has groups namely stocks, equities, mutual funds,etc.
And under each group, there is information like name of stock/equity/mutual fund,date,value, etc,etc.
In my pdf report, I need to print a line titled "Total Amount : $" at the end of each group.
After printing all this, I need to print a disclaimer at the bottom of the last page.

The number of groups to be printed for each user can vary.

So in some cases, it so happens that the "Total Amount" line of the last group is printed on the last line of a the pdf report.
If this happens, then I need to move the "Total Amount" line to the next page.

Can this functionality be achieved in xsl-fo...?
If yes, how do i get it done...??

Thanks in advance....!