Stop font load error

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Stop font load error

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Running Chemistry, I see the following error

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[exec] WARN org.apache.fop.apps.FOUserAgent - Unable to load font file: file:/System/Library/Fonts/Apple%20Color%20Emoji.ttc. Reason: Font is too large. If you need this font in your PDF, see the userguide about increasing the maximum memory size for the publishing process. The font file size was: 207931344 bytes
I've no interest in Emoji fonts (I'd delete them from my machine if Apple hadn't made them a system requirement). How do I tell Chemistry not to try loading them?

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Re: Stop font load error

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This is just a warning, has no effect on the publishing.

In any case, there is a chemistry-fop.xconf file (you can try a recursive search in the installation folder) in which you can change the way the system fonts are scanned. You can remove the <auto-detect/> element from it. Be aware that all the fonts referred from your customization CSS should be relative to the CSS, defined with @font-face. You should not use any system font in this case.

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