Issue with index terms and topics with copy-to

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Issue with index terms and topics with copy-to

Post by axhxu » Fri Dec 13, 2019 10:09 pm

I am not sure if the following is an issue wit the way my authors use indexterms.

We have a topic that in the map has @copy-to:

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 <topicref class="- map/topicref " copy-to="copyright.xml" ixia_locid="1847"
        keys="s0_1416590873062" href="s0_1416590873062.xml" type="concept">
The topic has the following index terms:

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<indexterm ixia_locid="6" class="- topic/indexterm ">copyright
				<indexterm ixia_locid="7" class="- topic/indexterm ">documentation<indexterm
						ixia_locid="8" class="- topic/indexterm ">warranty statement</indexterm>
				<indexterm ixia_locid="9" class="- topic/indexterm ">manufacturer’s
				<indexterm ixia_locid="10" class="- topic/indexterm ">registered
				<indexterm ixia_locid="11" class="- topic/indexterm ">trademarks</indexterm>
				<indexterm ixia_locid="12" class="- topic/indexterm ">warranty
In the index we get:

copyright information[1][2]

The first link goes to the filename set in the copy-to the second goes to the generated file based on the filename.

So in the generated index.xml file we see:

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 <term name="copyright information" sort-as="copyright information">
But both links should go to <target>copyright.html</target> or there should only be one link since they are both going to the same page.

The issue is the first link which goes to the copyright.html page the publication toc displays per our settings. But when I click on the second link which goes to s0_1416590873062.html the publication to does not display.

I have been trying to track down where the target is determined and why on goes to the correct copy-to entry and the second goes to the original file.


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Re: Issue with index terms and topics with copy-to

Post by radu_pisoi » Tue Dec 24, 2019 11:43 am


I can reproduce the issue you describe only when I use the copy-to attribute to rename the original topic. More specific, the original topic is not referred in the DITA map.

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<topicref href="test_topic.dita" copy-to="test_topic_renamed.dita"/>
I'm not sure if this use case is valid, conforming with the DITA specs the copy-to attribute seems to be designed to get a duplicate version of the original and not to rename a topic. ... butes.html
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