Revision tables for bookmaps?

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Revision tables for bookmaps?

Post by dbutch » Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:20 am


I would like to understand if there are any recommended ways of including a revision and approval table at the start of a published PDF - output from a bookmap?
It is important that we include the revision and approval details after the cover page of our documents; however, so far my attempts have had limited success.

The bookmaps include a cover page, TOC, list of tables, and list of figures; the latter three are all styled with the same header and footers.
Ideally some, or all, of the <bookmeta> metadata could be reused in the revision and approval tables, but reusing some of the terms (e.g. Author, current revision) doesn't seem to be possible?

The more manual method I am currently attempting is to insert a topic, containing the revision history tables, in to the <frontmatter> of each bookmap, before the TOC etc. Revision details are manually entered into the tables prior to running the PDF transformation. This has two main issues I am yet to overcome:
  • The tables are numbered so the first tables in the main document start from Table 3. Is it possible to overlook these tables in the table numbering?
  • The page is not styled in a similar manner to the other pages of the document - the header, footer is missing. I am not sure how to apply the same styling rules to this topic, in the customised CSS?
Example layout of what we are looking for is below:
image.png (13.55 KiB) Viewed 399 times
Any suggestions or solutions appreciated.

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Re: Revision tables for bookmaps?

Post by Dan » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:29 pm

Here are some hints:
1. Use a simple table (simpletable DITA element), or a hierarchy of simple tables. As far as I know, these are not counted in the list of tables.
2. The front matter sections are rendered by default without headers. You can read more about the structure and customization possibilities here: ... t%2Cmatter
Another idea would be to set an outputclass attribute on the topic that contains the manually edited revision table, then match it from CSS, and associate a page layout for it.

Code: Select all

 <topic outputclass="my-rev-table"....

Code: Select all

  page: my-rev-table-page;

@page my-rev-table{
  @bottom-center{ content: "Revision Table"; }
The headers and footers are explained in details here: ... oters.html

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