Opening Dita map with deeply nested submaps

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Opening Dita map with deeply nested submaps

Post by krishna » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:13 am


We have created a plugin for Oxygen and in that, we are trying to open a DITA Map having deeply nested submaps and Oxygen opens the map in the editor only after all the deeply nested submaps have been resolved.

We actually want to open the map in the editor by resolving only the first level submaps (i.e display the contents of first level submaps only and not the content of deeply nested submaps) and resolve the further nested submaps upon expanding the first level submaps.

So, is there any API or configuration in Oxygen which will allow us to achieve this behavior?


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Re: Opening Dita map with deeply nested submaps

Post by Radu » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:34 am

Hi Krishna,

The DITA framework has a Java extension which performs these DITA Map map reference expansions in the Author visual editing mode.

In our Oxygen Maven-based Author SDK you should find the java sources for our "" class and you would need to make changes to it to achieve what you want.
To do this, you would need to create a framework customization.
So in the Oxygen Preferences->"Document Type Association" page you would need to extend the "DITA Map" framework and save the extension somewhere on disk: ... aring.html

Then in your framework extension in the "Classpath" tab you would need to add a reference to an extra JAR library located in your framework extension folder and containing your own "my.custom.DITAMapRefResolver" implementation.
Then in the "Extensions" tab you would set the "References resolver" extension to refer to your implementation.

Once you have a "DITA Map" framework extension you can share it with others as an add-on. Or you can provide it from an Oxygen plugin: ... nsion.html

Radu Coravu
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