Width of Text Entry Fields Is Often Too Narrow

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Should free-text fields in dialogues be made much wider?

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Width of Text Entry Fields Is Often Too Narrow

Post by Elli » Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:09 am

The width of text entry fields Is often too narrow. This is most obvious in the field for setting up the command line of an external tool, with lots of flags, arguments, and macro references. But it's true in many other free-form text fields. Some of them are in generic pop-up boxes which are simply too small, as if they expected nothing but a few radio buttons, instead of serious amounts of text.

Yes, the text can be prepared elsewhere, then pasted in. No, this is not user-friendly, especially when a line in a programming language -- like a shell language -- will be arbitrarily wrapped visually, thus bearing little resemblance to what the user really wants to see.