Need help to get data from notepad to xml

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Need help to get data from notepad to xml

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Hi Guys

I need the query to get data from notepad to xml using oxygen editor in multiple files at a time.

for example,

in multiple XML files contains - <mmcode mmcode indent="bacomp" syscode="001"/>, <mmcode mmcode indent="bacomp" syscode="002"/>, <mmcode mmcode indent="bacomp" syscode="003"/> etc....

in notepad contains the data like - <mmcode mmcode indent="cammp" syscode="001"/>, <mmcode mmcode indent="cammp" syscode="002"/>, <mmcode mmcode indent="cammp" syscode="003"/> etc... vice vara.

I need to copy the content from notepad and paste in to the xml one by one vice vara without open the each XML document.

Please note that the XML files contains lot of other texts, so this replace should not affect that texts.

Can anyone help me out any options are there?

Ganesan. G