How to reference same topic twice

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How to reference same topic twice

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I have gotten myself into a bit of a muddle. I have a DITA project that I transform to WebHelp with navigation arrows.
I need to reference the same topic twice within the same ditamap and not have duplicate navigation arrows generate when I am on that topic's generated webpage.
I am using XML Author 19.1, build 2018051511.
Any advice appreciated,
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Re: How to reference same topic twice

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There were some issues that could make duplicate navigation arrows to occur in some special circumstances, in older versions of oXygen.
However, those were fixed in the latest version of oXygen.
Therefore, you should try using the latest version of oXygen available in the Downloads section from our website and see if you still have duplicate arrows in the WebHelp output.

If the issue still occurs even when publishing WebHelp with the latest version 20.1, you should send us a sample DITA Map in an as minimal as possible form (you could send it to if it is not too large), to investigate.

If you do not have a version 20 compatible license, you could register for a 31-day trial license right from the download page of oXygen XML Author 20.1, or write us on sales@oxygenxml and request a v20 trial.

Costin Sandoi
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support
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