Restricting feedback from DITA Map Completeness Check

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Restricting feedback from DITA Map Completeness Check

Post by ann.jensen » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:14 pm

I am reusing maps throughout my DITA project as the functionality across 4 of our products is similar enough to warrant it.
However, in some cases a task topic within a reused Map is not relevant for all products and so I use Profiling on the topic to include it only for the relevant products.
This task includes keyrefs. When the task lives in a map for a product that doesn't require it, I see errors in the feedback from the DITA Map Completeness there is no matching keydef for this products parent map.
I understand why this is returned but I wonder if there is a way of filtering them out.
I hope this makes sense.
Any advice appreciated,

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Re: Restricting feedback from DITA Map Completeness Check

Post by Radu » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:16 am

Hi Ann,

We do not have a setting in the preferences to avoid issuing various errors.
When using the "Completeness Check" action you do have the choice to use it along with profiling conditions or multiple DITAVAL filters.
An alternative is to create a plugin for Oxygen which filters out various reported errors before they are shown to the end user.
We have a sample plugin called validationProblemsFilter which based on two configuration files removes problems from the reported problems list: ... le-plugins

Radu Coravu
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