Extendin the frameworks

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Extendin the frameworks

Post by SNO » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:02 pm

Is there a way to extend the oxygen frameworks without changing the default oxygen author eclipse plugin?
I am using the eclipse version of the newest oxygen author 20.1 and would like to extend the frameworks by adding new Plugins into my RCP CMS Client.
It would be nice if we could point to additional framework folders somehow and you would gather the contents of the folders at runtime in order to have a complete framework.
We do not want to modify your oxygen author 20.1 eclipse plugin in order to manage that.

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Re: Extendin the frameworks

Post by Radu » Tue Oct 16, 2018 3:22 pm

Hi Stefan,

In the Eclipse Preferences->"Oxygen plugin"->"Document Type Association / Locations" page you can specify additional framework locations. In those locations you can save extensions of existing framework configurations:

http://blog.oxygenxml.com/2015/08/docum ... aring.html

Now the problem which remains is how another Eclipse plugin can force set additional framework locations to the Oxygen plugin.
In our plugin.xml we have an extension point which looks like this:

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  <!--The usage in the other plugin.xml is something like:
<extension point="com.oxygenxml.editor.workspaceAccessPlugin">
<implementation class="my.package.WSPluginExtensionImpl"/>;

where my.package.WSPluginExtensionImpl extends "com.oxygenxml.workspace.api.eclipse.EclipseWorkspaceAccessPluginExtension".
<extension-point id="workspaceAccessPlugin" name="Workspace Access Plugin Extension"
so your Eclipse plugin can implement this extension point and receive a notification when the Oxygen Eclipse plugin starts up.
After this you can use our API to force set global settings to the Oxygen plugin, something like:

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    pluginWorkspace.setGlobalObjectProperty(ro.sync.exml.options.APIAccessibleOptionTags.ADDITIONAL_FRAMEWORKS_DIRECTORIES, new String[] {additionalFrameworksFolder.getAbsolutePath()});
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