Transformation Error pdf not generated

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Transformation Error pdf not generated

Post by dpksaini89 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:25 pm

Hi Team,
I am using <oXygen/> XML Editor 20.1, build 2018061313, using the same css and transformation scenerio since last 6 months there was no issue.
But recently only I have configured BitBucket repository and installed an add-on Git Staging. Ever since then I am facing transformation error.

Please help resolve this.

Following error is shown while transformation to pdf using css.

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Re: Transformation Error pdf not generated

Post by Costin » Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:54 pm


In order to see what happens, please provide us the entire transformation log you obtain in the "DITA-OT [DITA Map PDF - based on DITA & CSS(WYSIWYG)" tab from the results view.

Costin Sandoi
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support

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