How to convert the binary image into pdf (xml TO pdf)

Here should go questions about transforming XML with XSLT and FOP.
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How to convert the binary image into pdf (xml TO pdf)

Post by JANA » Mon Jan 30, 2006 8:04 am

Hello ....
I have to convert following xml file into pdf....
The binary format is existing between the image tags...
How to display this image in pdf.... using xsl...
How to write the xsl file.....
<Image>iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAJEAAACRCAIAAABMus10AAAB8ElEQVR4nO3aQU7DMBRAwRj1/lcO CxZIqGIRf0oezOzjWH125Epe53kel6x17Tk+XfvtH69/JR8uL/qtZrbaZTvLfavZ5rv/rc21/jY0 DV5Hsx7NejTr2T2DfOEk+dTsSW242TExv7XWcRyX/+yPGJzD+Dr2bezRrEezHs16NOvRrEezHs16 NOvRrEezHs16NOvRrEezHs16NOvRrEezHs16NOuZv3e1hu4ZTY1zgzkMXyCzz3p+4n7j7rJyv/F7 9lmPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mP Zj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a 9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjWo1mPZj2a9WjW o1mPZj2P8RHXWrca5wZzOCcG+WSf9czvs/PcXVYfq3t/nJvMYfx7YZ/1aNajWY9mPZr1aNajWY9m PZr1aNajWY9mPZr1aNajWY9mPZr1aNajWY9mPZr1aNbzE3dS98c4h8apz+G54Wa/eifxv/Bt7NGs R7MezXp2zyD3PFn9bfbZ79hZ6+8yEC5L4B+fHAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==</Image>
<ParamString>RECTANGLE 0.000000,0.000000 17.500000,23.500000</ParamString>
<ParamString>RECTANGLE 0.250000,0.250000 17.250000,23.250000</ParamString>
<ParamString>RECTANGLE 1.250000,1.250000 16.250000,22.250000</ParamString>
<ParamString>EDGE 0.000000,0.000000 17.500000,0.000000 2 0 1</ParamString>
<ParamString>EDGE 17.500000,0.000000 17.500000,23.500000 0 2 2</ParamString>
<ParamString>EDGE 0.000000,23.500000 17.500000,23.500000 1 0 1</ParamString>
<ParamString>EDGE 0.000000,0.000000 0.000000,23.500000 0 1 2</ParamString>
<ParamString>LINE 5.250000,1.250000 5.250000,22.250000 black 0.500000 0.000000</ParamString>
<ParamString>LINE 12.250000,1.250000 12.250000,22.250000 black 0.500000 0.000000</ParamString>
<ParamString>LINE 1.250000,5.250000 16.250000,5.250000 black 0.500000 0.000000</ParamString>
<ParamString>LINE 1.250000,18.250000 16.250000,18.250000 black 0.500000 0.000000</ParamString>
<ParamString>RECTANGLE -0.500000,4.750000 0.500000,7.250000</ParamString>
<ParamString>RECTANGLE 17.000000,4.750000 18.000000,7.250000</ParamString>
<ParamString>LINE 17.500000,6.000000 0.000000,6.000000</ParamString>

please give the solution...


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Post by sorin_ristache » Mon Jan 30, 2006 5:15 pm

Hello Jana,

I suggest to start with the DocBook Article template by using the New from Templates toolbar button and use the DocBook framework for marking up the content which you want to transform to PDF and to store the <Image> content in a distinct file (a .gif, .jpg or .png image, it depends on the binary format of the <Image> content). Refer the image file from your DocBook XML document (for example the imagedata/@fileref attribute). The DocBook XSLT stylesheets are included in <oXygen/> ([oXygen-install-forder]/frameworks/docbook/xsl) and transforming to PDF is straightforward: press the Apply transformation scenario toolbar button (the red triangle on white background, surrounded by a blue circle) and select the predefined Docbook PDF scenario in the list of transformation scenarios.


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