Schematron validation of an XSD file

This should cover W3C XML Schema, Relax NG and DTD related problems.
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Schematron validation of an XSD file

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I'm trying to use Schematron rules to help enforce naming design patterns in my teams XSD files.
I put the reference to the Schematron as a PI in the xsd but oxygen appears to ignore it.
if I change the suffix of the file to XML it still ignores it BUT if I wrap the xsd in a dummy node so the root is no longer xmlschema namespace then the schematron fires as expected.

Is there some preference I'm not setting or is this a feature/bug?
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Re: Schematron validation of an XSD file

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For XSD documents you can impose Schematron rules only through a validation scenario. We do not have support to associate a Schematron directly in the XSD file.
More information about how to associate a schema through a validation scenario you can find in our user manual: ... nario.html

You can also change the "XML Schema" document type and add a new validation scenario there, in case you want to apply the Schematron rules to all XSD files. You can find more information here: ... ation.html ... ework.html

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