Invisible x2029 characters in codeblocks

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Invisible x2029 characters in codeblocks

Post by lkollar » Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:30 pm

We've noticed, especially for pasted-in data, that codeblocks sometimes contain x2029 (line separator) characters. Oxygen displays them as entities in other elements, but in codeblocks they're invisible. The first hint we get is in output, when codeblocks have inconsistent spacing.

Is there any way to show those characters, in either Author or Text modes, within codeblocks?

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Re: Invisible x2029 characters in codeblocks

Post by Radu » Fri Mar 30, 2018 10:17 am


I will assume you are editing DITA content.
From what type of content are you usually pasting? Are you pasting content in the Text editing mode or in the Author visual editing mode?
So sometimes when pasting you get in the XML document entity references for those characters (which is good before you can easily see them) and sometimes you probably get the characters themselves inserted in the document.
This second situation is not very good because from what I tested (changing fonts in the Oxygen Preferences->Fonts page) I could not find a font which would render the character in any way, fonts do not allocate a width for the character and because there is no width for it, Oxygen cannot show it in any way.

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