Can't locate objects to reference from Oxygen

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Can't locate objects to reference from Oxygen

Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:10 am

I'm trying to figure out how to insert conrefs or graphics from Oxygen. We just moved all of our content into EasyDITA. If I open a common elements (CE) file in Oxygen, I can then use the file picker on the Reuse Content dialog box to locate the file. But that's the only way I've figured out how to do it.

I'm hoping there is a way to get a path that Oxygen can use and paste that into the Location box.... I've tried a couple of different methods that failed...

Using the EasyDITA Content Explorer and copying the share URL seemed like a good idea, but this doesn’t work.

Opening the Data Source Explorer in Oxygen, navigating to the CE file, and then right clicking on the file and selecting Copy Location (right clicking on the file in Oxygen’s Data Explorer does not present the option to copy the share URL) seemed like a great idea. It produces a URL that "looks" identical to the URL that I get when I use the file picker to locate the last file opened, but this doesn't work either.

So the only way I've figured out how to add a conref is to first open the CE file in Oxygen, and then use the file picker to identify it. Kind of a PITA to do, especially when I'm working with content that uses conrefs from multiple CE files. And of course, opening a graphic file in Oxygen is not going to work, so I'm kind of SOL for that.

Has anyone found a way to get Oxygen to locate files from inside either the insert conref or insert picture dialog boxes?

I've configured the Data Source Explorer and the Oxygen pluggin, and have no issues accessing the content (dita files) when I select them in the EasyDITA content manager and click the Open in Oxygen icon.

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Re: Can't locate objects to reference from Oxygen

Mon Mar 05, 2018 10:30 am


You should try to ask the EasyDITA technical support team about what they recommend.
From what I know, until now most Oxygen users have been using Oxygen and EasyDITA through their WebDav support, add a Data Source in the Oxygen Preferences and then use Oxygen's "Data Source Explorer".
Every dialog in Oxygen used to insert image references, links or reusable content has an URL chooser and that URL chooser has a drop-down button allowing you to browse the Data Source Explorer and pick a target document.
At some point Easy DITA was working on a plugin for Oxygen so I'm not sure if you are using the plugin or not, if you are we do not have experience about how this works.

Radu Coravu
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