Remote debug XQuery in eXist-db

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Remote debug XQuery in eXist-db

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I'd like to debug XQueries in eXist-db remotely - e.g. when eXist-db application is running, I want to be able to intercept XQuery calls and see intermediate application state.

So is it possible to debug or planned to implement the remote debug support for XQuery in eXist-db? I've seen there is a possibility to debug local XQueries in Oxygen and I've also seen that eXist-db provides some remote debugging support ( Is there an existing solution to this? Maybe a community-developed plugin? If not, are there plans to implement such support? It'd bring a lot of value to Oxygen.

I've got a paid license for OxygenXML Editor 19.1.

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Re: Remote debug XQuery in eXist-db

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The XQuery debugger from Oxygen does not provide support for eXist-db, it supports Saxon-HE/PE/EE XQuery (local), Berkeley DB XML (local) and MarkLogic (remote).
Currently there are no plans to implement such support for eXist-db.

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