More flexible tool chain selection

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More flexible tool chain selection

Sun Aug 31, 2003 12:33 pm

Oxy currently only allows users to select their choice of FO Processor. This is very limiting.

For example:

Xerces does not provide full support for XInclude as XPointer is not fully implemented. This means that, users wishing to use Oxy as an editor cannot use XInclude until Xerces has such support. The result is that they will use another editor. Rather than have users migrate to other tools, it would be better to let the user select the backend tool chain. Oxy can still distribute the defaults as it does today, but Oxy users will be able to change tools as required.

It would also promote Oxy's integration with other products and projects.
Sean Wheller
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Wed Sep 10, 2003 10:31 am

Hello Sean,

In the next release (2.0.4) we will integrate the Saxon XSL transformer. The user can choose between the Xalan and Saxon for XSLT.
We are also considering adding support for choosing the XML Parser used for validation. This will go in version 2.1.

About the XInclude: Xerces is adding supporting this feature, experimentally, starting with the version 2.5.0. (This is in the current Oxygen distribution)

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