Please allow purchasing by purchase order

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Please allow purchasing by purchase order

Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:55 am

I have a client who has a dozen or more writers using Oxygen but the department manager complained to me that she could not renew the Oxygen maintenance by having her purchasing department issue a purchase order. The manager has to use her own credit card to buy the maintenance, and then fill out an expense report. This time she had to wait because she did not have enough available on her credit card. She told me she wanted to get out of Oxygen because of this. I would rather they did not do this.

I request that you support the purchase order system that many American companies use all the time. Can you do this? Or is there some easier way for my client?

Mark Giffin
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Re: Please allow purchasing by purchase order

Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:52 pm

Hi Mark,

Paying with credit card is the fastest way to order and receive the licenses.
However, if you/your customer are not able to order with credit card, there is also the possibility to place the order online and choose "Wire Transfer" as the alternative payment method.

If neither of the two methods is OK, you could try contacting a reseller. For example, Softchoice, Synnex and Component Source are some of our resellers, so you could order through them.

One thing you should be aware of is that the SMP Renewal is optional, so it is up to the end-user if they renew it or not. The permanent license keys will continue to work even if the SMP is not renewed in time, but they won't be compatible with the next major version release. If they chose to not renew the SMP, they could use the current version of oXygen for as long as they need and if they would decide they need to use a further major version, they could purchase upgrades for those licenses.

P.S: Please address any sales relates questions directly on our official sales support email (salesAToxygenxmlDOTcom).

Best Regards,
Costin Sandoi
oXygen XML Editor and Author Support

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