Schematron validation restricted to cursor context

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Schematron validation restricted to cursor context

Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:39 am

Oftentimes I find myself editing files that are either very large or involve some complicated Schematron rules. Sometimes these rules give tips or aids in editing, and I have to wait a long time to get contextual help via SQF or Schematron-based messages, because the engine is checking the entire file.

I would find it very useful if oXygen had an option to restrict the checking of Schematron rules to only the context marked by the cursor or cursor selection. I am guessing that it would cut down minutes-long validation checks to fractions of seconds, and allow much faster, responsive editing of files. It would, I think, make SQFs much quicker to call and execute, no? Thoughts?
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Re: Schematron validation restricted to cursor context

Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:10 pm


It is an interesting idea, but you cannot run the Schematron or SQF just on a fragment because the you need entire context from the XML (namespace declarations, ancestors). A Schematron rule can also collect information from different parts of the document in order to be applied. And you need correct the problems locations after the Schematron is applied.

What I recommend you is to use smaller XML documents and maybe include them using XInclude. You can also analyze the Schematron rules to make them run faster.

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