TOPIC_DUP_ID error, duplicate ID

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TOPIC_DUP_ID error, duplicate ID

Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:41 am

For some reason I occasionally get error messages during validation check, with the error code TOPIC_DUP_ID. Multiple topics in the map structure found with the same ID.

For some reason, OxygenXML does not offer a QuickFix, although I have found QuickFix's in other contexts for Generate ID and Add ID. I have to go through the attributes for each topic, checking the topic ID, finding the ones that are duplicates, deleting the ID, and then having Oxygen Generate ID. Is there a faster way to catch these and fix them? Any thoughts as to what causes these duplicate ID's in the first place?
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Re: TOPIC_DUP_ID error, duplicate ID

Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:05 am


I will assume you are using Oxygen version 19.0.
When you invoke the "Validate and check for completeness" action, there is a dialog with lots of settings on it. One of those settings is "Check for duplicat topic IDs in the DITA Map Context". By default it is unchecked but probably at some point you checked that on your side.
The DITA standard does not have any problem with projects containing DITA topics with the same topic ID as all references (conrefs, hrefs) also contain the path to the topic.
But in some cases organizations want to also impose this limitation of having unique IDs for all topics in the project. They may need that because the CMS mandates it or they may use the topic ID as the default context ID for the WebHelp transformation:

So most of the times you do not need to enable that particular setting.
About having quick fixes for this, indeed this would be a nice improvement. Right now quick fixes work only for automatic validation (the kind of validation which occurs when opening a topic) but we do have some plans to make quick fixes work also for batch validations or for the DITA Map "Validation and check for Completeness". So I will add your vote for this.

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