rev attribute > What's new topic list

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rev attribute > What's new topic list

Post by schelmenzunft » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:25 am


just beginning to use the ref attribute for flagging new content.

Did anyone manage to create a link list of flagged topics from these so that you can present a "Whats new" topic in the documentation? Is there any support from oXygen doing this?

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Re: rev attribute > What's new topic list

Post by radu_pisoi » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:37 pm


Unfortunately, there is no setting that you can activate to automatically generate the What's new section based on the rev attribute.

A solution would be use the oXygen's convert protocol that allows you to generate the What's new section when publishing the DITA map. A dynamic conversion URL chains various processors that can be applied, in sequence, on a target resource. For this case, I think it is enough to use the XSLT processor.

So, you need to:
  • create a topicref that uses the convert protocol. This topic will serve as a placeholder for the generated What's new section

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    <topicref href="convert:/processor=xslt;ss=urn:processors:convert.xsl!/urn:files:cm.ditamap"/>
  • write an XSLT Stylesheet that processes the current DITA map and generates the What's new section.
You can find more details about convert protocol in our documentation: ... sions.html
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