Message "area contents overflows area in line" wit

Here should go questions about transforming XML with XSLT and FOP.
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Message "area contents overflows area in line" wit

Post by demarez » Tue Oct 11, 2005 5:54 pm

I'm trying to convert PDF from fo.
Everytime I try, I get the following message and fop get into loop.

[INFO] area contents overflows area in line

My xml instance contains table witch are like this :

<table colsep="0" frame="topbot" pagewide="yes" rowsep="1">
<tgroup cols="4"><colspec colname="1" colnum="1" colwidth="38*"/><colspec
colname="2" colnum="2" colwidth="21.00*"/><colspec colname="3" colnum="3"
colwidth="21.00*"/><colspec colname="4" colnum="4" colwidth="21.00*"/>

Can anyone help me ?

Thanks for advance

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Post by sorin_ristache » Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:46 am


It is very strange getting into an infinite loop. Post a working sample document that will make FOP to get into a loop. Please try to reduce the source document to a sample not longer than 70 - 80 lines that shows the problem if it is larger. Also specify what <oXygen/> version you use, the parameters of the transformation scenario (transformer, XSLT parameters if you set any parameter).

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