Duplicate topic IDS within DITA map

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Duplicate topic IDS within DITA map

Post by ann.jensen » Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:34 pm

If I turn on the option for 'Check for duplicate topic IDs within the DITA map context' in Oxygen XML Author, I will see many results. However, this isn't a concern for me (AFAIK).
When I do an external transform from DOS I see these results being output in the output being sent to the console.
My question is the following:
Is my transform doing unnecessary work in finding these duplicate IDs and can I tell it not to bother so as to save on resources?
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Re: Duplicate topic IDS within DITA map

Post by radu_pisoi » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:40 pm


When WebHelp output is generated, the transformation process produces an XML mapping file called 'context-help-map.xml' used by Context-Sensitive WebHelp system. You can read more details about its benefits in the next link:
http://oxygenxml.com/doc/versions/18.0/ ... ystem.html

This 'context-help-map.xml' XML file maps an ID to a corresponding HTML page, as in the following example:

Code: Select all

<map productID="oxy-webhelp" productVersion="1.1">
<appContext helpID="annotations-view" path="topics/annotations-view.html"/>
<appContext helpID="button-editor" path="concepts/button-editor.html"/>
. . .
So, if the transformation process is encountering two topics with the same ID, it should warn the user because the mapping will become invalid.

To avoid these warning messages you can provide an unique ID to topic by using the resourceid element

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<resourceid id="context-sensitive-help-system"/>
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