Using the SDK Author Editor with Java Web Start

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Using the SDK Author Editor with Java Web Start

Mon Jan 25, 2016 2:15 am

We are using the SDK editor as applet to access a CMS document repository and it is working great.

However, since Chrome(Google) is at war with Java and removed all NPAPI support, and the possibility that Mozilla may follow suit, I was considering packaging the Editor into a java application and running it with Java Web Start and exit the browser wars.

I'll have to move my HTML5/Javascript code that is the web page wrapper for the Applet into the java application but it may be worth it. 3 of our users normally use chrome and all had issues getting Safari/JRE configured correctly to run the applet. Every time we have a new user it seems like its a crap shoot on whether the applet is going to run with problems or not. And the problems are usually getting the browser setup correctly.

Any body doing this with great success or failure?

Does Java Web Start run as problem free as Oracle says it does?

Any gotchas to watch for?

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Re: Using the SDK Author Editor with Java Web Start

Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:31 am

Hi Scott,

I'm not sure what the future of Java applets and JavaWebstart application will be. Unfortunately this is not something we can control.
If you want to test how JavaWebstart works in different browsers, you can use our JavaWebstart demo (it starts Oxygen XML Editor from a web browser):

It seemed to work for me in Chrome on Windows. A while back when I tested there were problems running it on Mac OSX with Safari which just downloaded the file descriptor but did not start it.

Another approach for you would be to use our WebApp:

which is 100% Javascript on the client side and has the Java part on the server side. We built it as a future replacement for the applet, because unfortunately browsers seem to be heading in a direction of not supporting (at least by default) Java applets.

Radu Coravu
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