Footnote hyperlink PDF2

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Footnote hyperlink PDF2

Post by DitaNewbie » Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:56 pm


Is there way to get live/working/active footnote link in DITA-OT 1.8.4/pdf2 plugin. Below is markup I am using for used-by-reference.

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<p>Top up the windshield washer fluid. I like pets. <fn id="reuse-fn">This is the name of an animal.</fn> At my house, I have a dog<xref href="#changeoil/reuse-fn" type="fn"/>, a cat.</p>
The footnote renders correctly in PDF but the footnote reference is not a hyperlink.

Please help.

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Re: Footnote hyperlink PDF2

Post by Radu » Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:09 pm


I've already answered you on the DITA Users List, I'm attaching my reply below. I'm afraid we do not have any idea how to make this work.

The DITA to PDF output uses XSL-FO to generate the PDF content.
The XSL-FO has the proper footnote structure inside it but from what I tested with both the open source Apache FOP processor, RenderX XEP processor and Antenna House, none of the processors generated a link to the bottom of the page.
So I don't think this can be done.

Radu Coravu
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