Dir Diff where one or both is eXist-db collection

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Dir Diff where one or both is eXist-db collection

Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:33 pm

I Diff all the time back'n'forth between eXist-db and the filesystem. I now need to do this file by file. It would be extremely helpful when Dir Diff would be able to compare an eXist-db collection with a filesystem dir, i.e. if a URI like xmldb:exist:///db/apps/xx would be supported.
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Re: Dir Diff where one or both is eXist-db collection

Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:54 am


As you have observed, the Diff Directories tool is currently (v17.0) limited to the local file system. One trick to work around this limitation in for your use case is to make use of the WebDAV support that eXist-db offers and a (possibly third party) tool that mounts the WebDAV repository in the file system (in a folder or as a drive in Windows).

It is unlikely that we would support eXist-db URIs (like xmldb:exist://) in Oxygen. This is because Oxygen relies on a data source driver and connection to access eXist-db resources. However, it would be possible to use the Data Source Explorer view model (with Oxygen specific URIs, oxygen:/eXist-db-driver$eXist-db-connection/db/my/files/) as the base for browsing and listing folders from remote repositories in Diff Dirs.
I've logged a feature request for this on our issue tracking tool.

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