Use Product information (prodinfo, vrmlist, vrm) in DITA con

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Use Product information (prodinfo, vrmlist, vrm) in DITA con

Post by RichH » Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:16 pm

I want to use the version number of the document which I have defined in my ditamap in my webhelp output so that the reader can see for which product versions the document relates to.

I have already successfully used the version number in the PDF output and can also extract it during the ANT build and can add it as a header to the webhelp and CHM output.

But ideally I want to have an "about" page or information in the "introduction" which says something like "This manual is for Product version 1.2.3".

My Ditamap code is:

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<copyryear year="2015"/>
<copyrholder>Widget Solutions GmbH</copyrholder>
<prodname>Widget Management Center</prodname>
<vrm id="productVersion" version="1" release="0" modification="0001"/>
I've looked at conref but this just adds in another VRM. Can you help me to add the VRM information to a dita topic body?


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Re: Use Product information (prodinfo, vrmlist, vrm) in DITA

Post by sorin_ristache » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:55 pm

One option is to create a DITA topic that includes the product meta information that you want to extract from the DITA map, like a version number, and include this topic on the first position, only in the WebHelp transformation. But the big drawback is that this topic would need to be updated for every change in the meta information.

Other option would be to mark the insertion place for this meta info in the DITA topic where you want to see it in the WebHelp output, and add your own custom processing for this marker. The marker could look like a

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<object otherprops="webhelp"/>

and you can process it for example with ANT code added in the ANT build file:

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<oXygen/> XML Editor Support

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