additional keyboard shotcut

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additional keyboard shotcut

Wed Feb 05, 2003 5:06 am


I am using oXygen XML Editor from the other day instead of emacs.
I like excellent code-insight function and light-weight running.

I propose increasing the function of shortcut valiation,
especially cursor moving.

For example,
(underline is cursor position)

1. jump to end of tag.
from <sample attr="..._"></sample>
to <sample attr="...">_</sample>

2. omit end-tag.
from <sample attr="...">_</sample> or <sample attr="..._"></sample>
to <sample attr="..."/>_

3. junp to next start-tag.
from <sample attr="..._">...</sample><sample2>...
to <sample attr="...">...</sample>_<sample2>... or
<sample attr="...">...</sample><sample2>_...

if this function is realized, I am not using cursor key, maybe.
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Wed Feb 05, 2003 8:53 pm

Dear Sougo,

Thanks for your suggestions. I added them in our TODO list and hopefully they will get into the next version we will release in March.

Best Regards,

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