Support of DFDL and Daffodil parser

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Support of DFDL and Daffodil parser

Post by tatra603 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:08 pm

Good morning,

can I ask You, if there are any plans to support Data Format Description Language (aka DFDL) in some future version of oXygen? Maybe based on open source parser of DFDL called "Daffodil" and (afaik more advanced, but not free IBM own DFDL parser).

DFDL is used for description of structured text data (CSV, Cobol copybooks) and binary data using XML Schema and namespaced extended elements and attributes and DFDL parsers creates XML output from such data input based on DFDL.

More information and simple to use examples follows. Thank you in advance for Your answer. Stepan

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Re: Support of DFDL and Daffodil parser

Post by adrian » Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:36 pm


We do not have plans to implement explicit support for DFDL at this time. We will consider it in the long term. I've logged your request.

Please note that Oxygen is fully configurable and customizable. So, similarly to how you can setup Eclipse for DFDL, you could in theory do the same with Oxygen: ... DFDL+Users ... gs+and+XML
There is an XML Schema for DFDL Schemas and also an XML Catalog, so you could use these in Oxygen for validation and content completion when editing DFDL.
I found the XML catalog, daffodil-built-in-catalog.xml, in daffodil-lib_*.jar. You can set the catalog in Oxygen (Options > Preferences, XML > XML Catalog) directly from that jar (press Add and Browse for archived file from the list of browse actions).
You'll also have to enable the option Process namespaces through URI mappings for XML Schema.

In addition, you can configure the various Daffodil CLI operations as "External tools" to execute them directly from Oxygen.

Adrian Buza
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