Selecting Multiple Profiling Attributes

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Selecting Multiple Profiling Attributes

Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:38 pm

I've been working in Oxygen to create profiling sets from some existing ditaval files. I love how Oxygen allows ditaval files to be imported as conditional sets, and then lets those values be selected from a list in the attribute window.

I have a few projects that use three or four different variables for conditional processing, and sometimes content is processed for two projects, but not the two others. Is there a way to be able to select multiple values from the list that's populated from the values in the ditaval file instead of entering them manually?
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Re: Selecting Multiple Profiling Attributes

Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:01 am


Just to see that I understand, when the "Edit Profiling Attributes" dialog appears you want to somehow tick one checkbox and as result of this automatically have another checkbox checked as well. Sorry, this is not possible.

Maybe what you actually need is to define a hierarchy of values using a Subject Scheme map, a feature we added in Oxygen 15.0. Somehow have values audience='project1' and audience=project2 but also have a third value which means audience='project1AndProject2'. Then check only this value for content which applies to both projects.

Maybe this video demonstration about subject schemes and defining hierarchies of values might come handy:

If you have a Subject Scheme map defining profiling attribute values referenced from your main DITA Map then you would not need anymore to import the DITAVAL files in Oxygen's preferences, the values will be picked up automatically from the Subject Scheme map.

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