How to use Saxon 9.5?

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How to use Saxon 9.5?

Post by vsteller » Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:13 pm

Can anyone provide instructions on how to use Saxon 9.5 from within Oxygen?

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Re: How to use Saxon 9.5?

Post by adrian » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:17 pm


Saxon 9.5 will be bundled with Oxygen v15.0.

Because of the tight integration (validation, debugging, etc), you cannot upgrade (or change to a different edition: HE/EE) the version of Saxon 9 EE (Oxygen/lib/saxon9ee.jar) that comes bundled with Oxygen.
Also note that the edition of Saxon-EE bundled with Oxygen is only licensed to be used within the Oxygen GUI. It cannot be used from the command line without a separate license for Saxon-EE (from Saxonica).

However, you can use a different version of Saxon in Oxygen as an external XSLT engine, though for PE/EE you will need a separate Saxon license. You can configure it in Options > Preferences , XML > XSLT-FO-XQuery > Custom Engines. Press New, select engine type: XSLT and give it a proper name. e.g. "Saxon-EE 9.5".
In the command line of the custom engine use:
java -jar path\to\saxon\lib\saxon9ee.jar "-s:${xml}" "-xsl:${xsl}" "-o:${out}"
(do not omit the quotes)

You can then choose this newly defined engine from the Transformer combo when configuring a transformation scenario: Document > Transformation > Configure Transformation Scenario, New/Edit.
Note that external XSLT engines cannot be used in the debugger.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

Adrian Buza
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