base-uri error with nested xincludes

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base-uri error with nested xincludes

Post by fsteimke » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:20 am


i have a docbook Document with nested xincludes (a xincluded file xincludes another one). I have problems to resolve relative file names in @fileref attributes. I wrote a small script to track down the problem and found that the base-uri function gives incorrect results. Typically these results have an erroneous repeating of path-fragments. For example, base-uri gives me

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Here, the second export/ fragment is wrong. The correct value would be

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After that, i created a identity-copy of the Source, that is, one big file with the same content but without any xincludes. Applying the test-script to that file gives me correct results this time. My conclusion is, that there is an issue with the base-uri function and nested xincludes.

Environment: Oxygen 14.2, Windows 7 (64 bit). Scripts are called from within Oxygen.
I have checked the base-uri fix up setting in Oxygen, it is enabled.


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Re: base-uri error with nested xincludes

Post by adrian » Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:55 pm


This seems to be a bug in the Saxon XSLT transformer engine. I've tested this in the command line, independent from Oxygen, and it seems to behave similarly. We'll continue investigating and if this is indeed the case, we'll report it to Saxonica.

However, I've noticed that disabling Base URI fix-up (in Preferences, XML / XML Parser) seems to resolve the problem.

Adrian Buza
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