Oxygen XML Schema Doc Image Export Question

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Oxygen XML Schema Doc Image Export Question

Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:25 pm

We're using the Schema Doc generation features with great success. We ship a commercial web services product and one pain point we've had for years is a lack of usage diagrams depicting the complex payloads at play with our services. Oxygen does a great job of generating static documentation for this, but we're left with some rather large multi-layered complex objects that are hard to mentally comprehend with a single huge static image. The ideal solution to this would be to provide some kind of image artifact that interactive - namely child nodes would be expanded and collapsed. Does Oxygen XML provide anything that could come close to meeting this need? I'm thinking an interactive SVG image export that would allow our users to interactively expand and collapse the nodes of these large complex objects while reading doc in a browser (or chm/pdf).
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Re: Oxygen XML Schema Doc Image Export Question

Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:10 pm


Currently (v14.2) the only way to interact with the diagram of a schema is to use Oxygen itself in Design mode. You can export the diagram from the Design mode to a SVG (right click on diagram node and pick Save as Image from the popup menu), but the generated SVG is a static snapshot of the visible diagram.

I have submitted a feature request on our issue tracking tool to analyze the possibility of generating an interactive diagram with a similar aspect and interactivity as the one from the Design mode. This will be implemented in the long term and will most probably be usable in a JavaScript enabled web browser.

Adrian Buza
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