Parse doctype declaration in comment

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Parse doctype declaration in comment

Post by nrdlngr » Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:26 pm

My company has a lot of Docbook books that have chapter, section, and procedure file entities included in them as entity references. In the doctype declaration in the book head, they look like this:
<!ENTITY ofed SYSTEM "ofed.xml">

In the document, they are referenced like this:

Because our old DTD doesn't understand xincludes, we have to comment out the doctype declaration in the included files in order for them to validate properly. Arbortext was somehow able to parse the doctype and entity declarations in the comment, but unfortunately Oxygen does not.

In the book view, everything looks fine, but when I "edit reference" on one of the chapter files, everything breaks in the chapter because the editor doesn't know what my doctype is or any of the entities inside it.

Can I define a set of entities that I have always loaded in Oxygen so I don't need to get them from the commented section?

Has anyone dealt with this before that can help me come up with a solution that doesn't involve changing the XML source documents? I need a solution that will work with our current source files.


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Re: Parse doctype declaration in comment

Post by Radu » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:24 pm

Hi Eric,

Oxygen Users logged on the forum are not automatically notified of any new form entries so if you want some feedback from our existing users maybe you should write this question on the Oxygen Users List:

If you want to keep the existing architecture (main document using entity references to modules) the only workaround I see for now would be for you to create a validation scenario which validates the master XML file and have that scenario used and applied for each module (instead of the default validation).

In this way, when the users are editing a module, the automatic validation in Oxygen will actually validate the master XML document and will not report problems with undeclared entities in the modules.

What does not work yet: In the module XML files the Entities view will not show the entities declared in the internal subset from the master XML document. Also in the Author page the entity references will not be properly expanded to have the values defined in the master XML file. But I think we can work to remove these limitations in a future version.

Radu Coravu
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