XSLTC problem: home made functions

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XSLTC problem: home made functions

Post by grishester » Wed Nov 24, 2004 2:11 am

Good afternoon every body!

I've part of a project made in XSLT, and for speed reasons I need to use XLSTC frow now on.

I have downloaded the XSLTC jar from Apache and I want to make all my XSLs compiled ones (translets). The problem is that I have a tag which is the following:

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<xalan:component prefix="tok" elements="init" functions="token"> <xalan:script lang="javaclass" src="xalan://caronte.util.SeparaRemarks"/>
It's made to access to a home made function, SeparaRemarks.

Compiling with org.apache.xalan.xsltc.cmdline.Compile, I get the following error: 'The first argument to the non-static Java
function 'tok' is not a valid object reference.'

Is this an unsupported feature of XSLTC? I have read that it was impossible tu use such functiond. Or, if it is possible, how is the way to use it?

Thank you for your help.