Docbook: Cross referencing XIncluded document parts

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Docbook: Cross referencing XIncluded document parts

Post by fastjack » Sun Oct 10, 2004 6:26 am

Hi, its me again.

Today I struggle with citations. I have a book which consists of several chapters. And those chapters are XIncluded, which works so far as a charm.

Now I add a chapter for my bibliography. This will of course also get XIncluded. Normally I would reference the citations using <citation><xref ...

Now, as the chapters and the bibliography are not living in the same file, I cannot use xrefs any more. Wuah! :)

Okay, I see that there are olink tags for that purpose. I read a little about those and come to the conclusion that this is quite complicated. I have to write several additional files just to describe the dependencies and I still don't fully understand the exact way how to do all that.

Thing is, that I hope that there is a more easy way.

Actually my output will be exactly one file, either HTML or PDF (I need both). So I don't see, why I need a sitemap which defines the output file structure (there is none, just one file!).

(Would be great if Oxygen had a plugin or something that would help me to create the necessary files. Or (even better) create all those automagically for me.)

Do I really have to go the hard way?

I there some possibility to ease the job? A tool? A tutorial for dumb people like me?

How does the rest of the world handle that? Is everybody using olinks and I should better start understanding them? :)

So long