Diff tool filename problems

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Diff tool filename problems

Post by sijomon » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:33 pm

Hi, I have another query. As ever, if this has been covered elswhere my appologies.

I am opening files usign a webservice with a custom URL, a URL looks like this:

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These are, as you can see, quite long. When the file is opened in Oxygen the file name displayed in the document tab is the final part of the URL path; in the above example this is 'ecc912_2.xml%20V:3%20READONLY'. This is fine as these names tend to be quite small and can be easily distinguished.

The problems occurs when selecting these files in the in-built diff tool. The diff tool uses the URL of the document in the file selector drop downs. Since my document URLs are quite long, and often the only pertitant information is the document name and version number, it can be quite tricky to mouse over the document, then wait for the context help to display the full path, then visually identify the relevant parts of the URL, in order to identify the files that need comparing. Secondly the document selector drop downs seem to be populated by the currently open files in addition to some historical or recently used files. This exacerbates the problem of identifying the correct files, as only those file that are currently open are of interest to us.

My questions are therefore:

1) Can the diff tool be made to display, in the document selector drop downs, the same contents as the Oxygen app does in its document tabs?

2) Can the contents of the diff tool's document selector drop downs be configured to only display those files that are currently open and not any historical files?

If neccessary I am happy to invoke the diff tool externally, but I'd rather not use a third party diff tool if possible.

Many thanks for any assistance,


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Re: Diff tool filename problems

Post by adrian » Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:56 pm


1. Unfortunately it can't. The combos were designed to always show the end of the URL if they don't fit. But in your case the filename you want to see from the URL is somewhere in the middle(uncommon case). All you can do is maximize the diff tool window and resize the left or right side of the tool (by dragging the middle separator/column) to make one or the other combo wider.

2. Again, unfortunately no. The files opened in the editor are at the top of the combo list and they are followed by the history.

I'm sorry that I can't be of more help.

Adrian Buza
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Re: Diff tool filename problems

Post by sijomon » Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:57 pm

Thanks for the definitive answer.

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