Author mode - tile behaviour

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Author mode - tile behaviour

Post by honyk » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:05 pm


if two documents are displayed in the author mode side by side (tiled), each occupying approx. 50% of the available width, and the third document is opened, a width ratio is changed accidentally to ca 75/25 %.

Also if two documents are in the same tile and one of them is picked up and moved to one side, a docking border (hint) visible during drag&drop operation is not always preserved after the mouse button is released. While the hint shows 50% of the area width, after releasing the mouse button it sometimes occupies ca 25% only.

Sometimes it is helpfull to open two versions of the same document and compare them visually (a Diff tool is used also, but something it is better to check it this way), but settings tiles for such task to approx 50/50 is quite annoying.

It would be nice either to improve tiling behaviour (keep width) or, and probably better, to add a new function, which would tile all opened documents proportionally, so in case of two documents 50/50.


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Re: Author mode - tile behaviour

Post by Radu » Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:14 pm

Hi Jan,

Oxygen uses the JIDE framework for docking views and indeed sometimes it is hard to use the mouse for drag and dropping editors.
Starting with Oxygen 11.1 you will have in the Window menu actions to organize the current editors:

Tyle editors horizontally
Tyle editors vertically
Stack editors (move them to one stack)
Synchronous Scrolling (when you have side by side two almost identical documents and want to scroll one of them while scrolling the other).

Radu Coravu
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