xmlcatalog fails when using two separate catalogs

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xmlcatalog fails when using two separate catalogs

Fri Apr 11, 2003 10:00 am

I have been successfully using the "XML Catalog" support to resolve DTDs.
This is great to find an editor that has this vital functionality.

All is fine when i only have one xmlcatalog file, but when i use an additional separate one to manage another set of DTDs, then neither of them work. Then when i go to Options=>Preferences the pop-up window does not render and the application locks up ... Ctrl-C

There is a solution for me though. Using the "nextCatalog" element in my first catalog.xml file lets me include the separate .../catalog2.xml file. Beauty.

version: Oxygen2.0 trial
platform: linux
jdk: Blackdown-1.3.1

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Fri Apr 11, 2003 3:20 pm

Hi David,

Thanks for letting us know about this problem. It will get fixed in the next release. I guess the workaround you are using is acceptable until then.

Best Regards,
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xmlcatalog fails when using two separate catalogs

Wed Apr 16, 2003 3:18 am

I am now not so sure that this problem with the stalled preferences window is anything to do with additional catalogs. I uninstalled the software, removed some other remnants, then re-installed ... and i still get the window lockup problem even without configuring any extra catalogs.

I will talk about that in another thread.

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