Support for auto-completion from exist function namespace

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Support for auto-completion from exist function namespace

Post by cefn » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:50 am

I can prove that validation of eXist Xquery against the running database works, but auto-completion of function signatures does not, except the function signatures which are declared as part of XPath.

I assume this is a feature you haven't included yet, but it's a huge oversight for people wishing to really work with server-side XQuery building on eXist.

For illustration, if I take an example file from the eXist tutorial materials as shown below and validate it, I can prove it is valid. If I remove the 'request:get-parameter-names()' then it tells me the file is now invalid, but if I try to type request: and then force an autocompletion, I only see XPath functions, and request:get-parameter-names() does not appear.

I'm using eXist 1.2.4 - the latest stable version.

Example file >>>>>>>>>>>>

xquery version "1.0";

declare namespace request="";

for $name in request:get-parameter-names() return
<parameter name="{$name}">
<value>{request:get-parameter($name, ())}</value>