SVN v1.5

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SVN v1.5

Post by msalvatori » Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:15 am

Is there a planned release that supports SVN version 1.5?

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Re: SVN v1.5

Post by sorin_ristache » Fri Aug 15, 2008 10:03 am


Yes, we are working on the implementation of the SVN 1.5 features in the SVN Client. The SVN Client that will be included in the next version of Oxygen will include SVN 1.5 support but there will be a release of Syncro SVN Client sooner than the next Oxygen version. This Syncro SVN Client version will be released in less than a month.

There is a beta version available which supports the SVN 1.5 format for working copies and is able to communicate with a SVN 1.5 server.

Just unzip the kit in a directory on your computer and start Syncro SVN Client with the command for your platform executed in the directory where you unzipped the kit:

syncroSVNClient.bat (Windows)

sh (Linux/Unix)

sh syncroSVNClientMac.bat (Mac OS X)

If the working copy being loaded in the Working Copy view is a SVN 1.4 one the user is asked if he wants to convert it to the new format or he prefers to keep the old format.

You can test sparse checkouts with the actions "Checkout" and "Export" on the Repository view and with the action "Update to revision" on the Working Copy view. In the dialogs of all these three actions there is a new option (a combo box) which allows you to set the depth of the action (EMPTY - no files and directories checked out from the specified directory but only a directory name created in the working copy, FILES - only the files of the directory selected from repository are checked out, IMMEDIATE - the files and the empty subdirectories are checked out, RECURSIVE - the files and the subdirectories are checked out recursively). Also there are some icon decorations in the Working Copy view on a directory on which such an option was set when it was checked out.

Please let us know if you find any problem with the SVN 1.5 support of this beta version.


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Re: SVN v1.5

Post by pbinkley » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:22 pm

Now that the SVN Client 4.0 is out, how do we upgrade Oxygen 9.3 to use it?

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Re: SVN v1.5

Post by adrian » Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:52 am


Oxygen 10, which will be released very soon, includes the updated SVN Client 4.0 that supports SVN 1.5

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