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webhelp output

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1. How can I add the navigation bar and the fold icon in the webhelp output like the picture below?
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2. How can I change the width from the left TOC to the navigation bar?
image.png (45.81 KiB) Viewed 970 times
3. How can I change the spacing between lines of the left TOC?
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Re: webhelp output

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The first point you have indicated is the default implementation starting with v24. So, if you use version v24.x to generate the Webhelp output, you should have both the scroll bar and the fold icon. You can check behavior also in our user-manual (please see the link from the end of this post).
The second and the third items can be achieved using a CSS customizations Details of how you can use custom CSS for WebHelp Responsive output can be found here:
How to Use CSS Styling to Customize the Output

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