How to debug the CSS?

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How to debug the CSS?

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This is a follow-up to a problem I posted several months ago:


It was suggested that I debug the CSS using instructions from here: ... ng_the_css

However, I cannot find a ".merged.html" or ".merged.xml" file anywhere on my computer. I don't even see an "output/pdf-css" directory.

Exception: I do see one ".merged.html" file from 15 months ago, for another user manual. Are these instructions outdated and relevant only to older versions of OxygenXML? And if so, how can I troubleshoot the font problems that I'm having in the Mac installation of OxygenXML? The output is almost correct--that's the most maddening part. But it's not correct enough to generate PDFs ready for distribution.
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Re: How to debug the CSS?

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There are 2 different DITA to PDF transformations:
  • DITA Map PDF - based on HTML5 & CSS
  • DITA Map PDF - based on XSL-FO
The first one produces a merged.html and merged.xml file and can be debugged using the browser.
The second transformation which uses XSL-FO and cannot be debugged inside the web browser.
If you are using the XSL-FO transformation, here are some fonts related topics:
- ... e-FOP.html
- ... ified.html
- ... n-FOP.html

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