Preservation of preferences from 17.1 to 20.1

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Preservation of preferences from 17.1 to 20.1

Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:19 pm

Hi. We are planning a site-wide upgrade of oXygen, going from Author 17.1 to 20.1. We are hoping to maintain the user preferences as part of this upgrade. Are there any issues with user preferences that were made in 17.1 being preserved in 20.1? Also, to maintain the preferences, would we need to make sure to first install 20.1 and then uninstall 17.1 (as opposed to uninstalling 17.1 and then installing 20.1)?
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Re: Preservation of preferences from 17.1 to 20.1

Tue Dec 04, 2018 8:48 am

Hi Jason,

There is a folder containing all Oxygen's settings located usually in the user home:

In that folder all end users should have a file called something like oxyAuthorOptionsSa17.1.xml.
When Oxygen 20.1 starts for the first time, it will import that previous options file and save it as a oxyAuthorOptionsSa20.1.xml. After this, it will continue using the new XML settings file and ignore the old one.
Oxygen 20.1 will still leave the old XML settings file in the folder so that you can continue using 17.1 and 20.1 in parallel if you want.

Radu Coravu
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